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Online & In Person Private Sessions w/ Bobbi

1 Hour = $50.00
1/2 hour = $35.00
5 sessions (1 hour) = $200.00
10 Sessions (1 hour) = $350.00

Online Private sessions are convenient!  Learn an individualized yoga, meditation, breathing, and/or de-stressing practice in the privacy of your own home 1:1 with internationally known yoga teacher, Bobbi Misiti. We use FaceTime or Zoom video conferencing for our online sessions.

The online private session can be for yoga, therapeutic yoga, health coaching, aromatherapy / essential oils, lifestyle, and grass roots home remedies using oils, herbs, and foods.  By appointment only.  Please contact Bobbi at or 717/443-1119 to schedule an appointment.  Mahalo.

In Person Private Sessions

One on one guidance can be one time, for a short time, or ongoing. You will get individualized assistance with any questions you have about health, wellness, food, and yoga.  For yoga 1:1, you will get assistance in each posture with careful attention to breathing, form, and individualizing the practice to your needs. Sessions can be a therapeutic practice, Ashtanga practice, or focused on a certain area (such as breathing, stress techniques, or learning something new) depending on your wants and needs. This is a beneficial way to safely learn the ancient form of Yoga. 

Private session is one individual with one teacher.  All private sessions require scheduling in advance.

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